75 Years of Painting

David F Mathews was born in London in the year 1928. His family came from a varied background that included the usual agricultural labourers but also a lithographer, theatrical dress-makers, a jewellery armament maker, tailors, glovers and scenic artists.

From an early age he showed a pronounced ability in draughtsmanship and pictoral composition. His formal art education was obtained at London’s St Martin School of Art (1944-1946), the Army Service (1946-1948) and the Royal College of Art (1948-1951). This specialist education suited David ideally and nurtured his natural talents. Initially teaching part-time, David soon became a senior lecturer responsible for a two-year Foundation course in South London.

His other interests included philosophy, photography, psychology, literature (especially poetry) and writing. It was philosophy that became his second passion towards the end of his life and he especially enjoyed discussing and dissecting the essays of G E Moore.

David’s interest in painting and drawing covered an enormous range of styles, experimenting with surrealism, still life, portraiture and landscapes including street scenes, seascapes and many more. In his last years he widened his interests to include non-figurative painting and uses of various media, for example, acrylic and glass painting.

Previous exhibitions of David’s work have been held at the Royal Academy, Lambeth Palace, art galleries in Kent, and more recently a memorial exhibtion in York.

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